Merry Christmas!

I hope the weather overnight hasn’t caused any problems!
Philip Sears Designs is closing for the Christmas break today, and will re-open on Monday 6th January. We will keep an eye on the main email over the break and respond as appropriate.

Have a wonderful Christmas, and we wish you all the best for 2014!

Phone Lines Back!

I understand that there are properties in the Horsham Road area who are still without operating phone lines, but as of the weekend, the land lines at Horsham Road Studio have been working fine!

Many thanks to BT who have been working hard to fix the fault.

Phone Lines Down!

Sadly, we’re entering our THIRD week without phone lines into Horsham Road Studio. We understand that there has been water damage to one of the major connections to the south of Dorking, and we are one of “hundreds” of premises affected. The Dorking Ad reported on it last week.

We’ve been told that BT are working hard on it, and judging by the number of BTOpenreach vans in South Street recently, that might just be true! The most recent date for repair is Tuesday 12 November, so fingers crossed for then…

Until then, telephone calls are currently being rerouted to Matthew’s mobile, but I do apologise if we can’t take your call when he’s in a meeting. Please use the voicemail service and we’ll call you back as soon as possible.

The internet connection has been somewhat patchy during this time, coming and going at irregular intervals. Please bear with us if we don’t respond immediately to emails.

For those of you using the fax number, sadly this is down as well. You can email us at, although again, please bear with us if the email doesn’t get through immediately!

We apologise for any problems caused while BT effect this repair.